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Nothing is for sure except death and taxes…and if you are a business owner, you will exit your business…on your terms or someone else’s terms.

Choosing the correct successor is critical to the long-term success of your business. you almost certainly spend lots of your time worrying about your business, your industry, and infrequently even making payroll. You likely have a sales and marketing strategy. But have you ever considered your business succession plan?

We help owners plan beyond funding buy/sell agreements by exploring all of the potential exit paths…how much you wish, what you need, quantifying “the gap,” and developing a ‘RoadMap.’ to help you arrive.

The process clearly defines where you wish to be by while exploring and understanding the various options to get there. As a part of the method, we’ll also help make sure you have a business continuity plan in the event something unexpected happens. That way, your plan is executed in step with your wishes regardless if there are planned or unplanned events. Our comprehensive seven-step process takes time so why not start the conversation today?

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