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Eminence Financial offers the following services and solutions to suit your needs in any phase of life:

Invest in Life… Which Stage Are You In?

Our lives all go through phases, and so do our financial lives. At Eminence Financial, we have services and or solutions for every time of life, empowering you to spend your precious time on what really matters.

Accumulation Phase

During this phase you will contribute and accumulate in a safe or risky environment to achieve a desired result. For many families, this means investing in financial tools or products. Many families get stuck in a financial rut and are dismayed at the results. They look for better tools, but they most often come up short. Eminence Financial believes we can better serve our clients by stopping the losses then by picking the “winners,”. We have found that when you look at the problem from a different point of view, we are able to help you achieve better results.

Distribution Phase

During this phase you will take your desired result and turn your retirement nest egg into the guaranteed income you desire to live for the next twenty to thirty years or longer. At the same time, you can preserve what you have accumulated, regardless of what market risks you might face.

Transfer Phase

During this phase you will transfer your assets to the people and organizations you care about in the most tax-effective manner. While most of us believe that we are all set, in reality the average estate typically only passes twenty-two cents on the dollar to the next generation. Imagine creating a healthy personal economy, promoting financial freedom to the next generation, and choosing real results and solutions that offer you peace of mind.

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