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401k’s Unlock Your 401K From Government Control

401k government takeover

Stop The 401k Rip Off Eminence Financial

Qualified Retirement Plans In The News

If you follow the financial news as we do. You will notice some alarming discussions reported over the last few years, that has gone from rumors to Federal policy . Under this “new” program patriotically named “Retirement USA”.  The government could then demand that part of your retirement contributions go into a government-created annuity.  Funded by purchasing Treasury debt with your 401k. By making this law, it would further the amount of control the government has on your money. Currently they have a permeant Tax Lien on your Retirement Accounts. Let that sink in a minute…

Unlock Your 401k From Government Control

As you know the 401k is a type of retirement savings account most common throughout the United States. The 401k takes its name from subsection 401k of the Internal Revenue Code. Qualified Retirement type accounts, were first widely adopted as retirement plans for American workers. It all started in the late 1970’s early 1980s. Qualified Retirement accounts ( such as IRA’s, Simple IRA’s and 403B’s ) have emerged as an alternative to the traditional retirement pension, which was typically paid by employers.

In 2011, about 60% of American households nearing retirement age have Qualified Retirement-type accounts. The employee (you) have been unable to move your money out. Unless you retire, change jobs, divorce or becomes totally disabled. As an educated consumer you can take back control. When you have a 401k you must invest the bulk of your retirement savings in your company’s plan…. until now!!!

IRS Approved Via ERISA Guidelines

At Eminence Financial, our attorneys have found an IRS provision within the ERISA guidelines that allows people to move their present 401k funds without taxes or the 10 percent penalty and still receive their employer match. We guarantee that this strategy has not been implemented within your current 401k. We can show you how to move over your present 401k to you, via IRA without needing to leave your job, divorcing or retiring.

This is not a hardship provision or an in-service withdrawal provision. This is not a loophole.  It has been sitting in the ERISA code for over 35 years! 

This process has been legal for over 35 years, our attorneys know how to legally move your 401k. With out Taxation – Penalties – Leaving your Job – Claiming Hardship – Any Company – Any Age!!! Eminence Financial, offers hard working Americans just like you, options, giving you total control of your investments by helping you unlock your 401k’s via IRS approved ERISA guidelines.

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