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Eminence Financial is taking the fear and worry out of paying for college. Many parents find themselves overwhelmed and underprepared financially. We can help you overcome the challenges that come with this major life transition. Eminence Financial is a recognized in college funding, with financial planners across the country seeking out our research, knowledge, and experience.

You can prepare for your children’s college education without jeopardizing your own retirement savings. We help parents clearly understand their options, provide the knowledge to making college more affordable, dispel the myths surrounding aid qualification, and arm parents with the best practices for paying for college in a tax efficient fashion.

Our proprietary step by step college funding system will help you develop a customized college funding plan. It will provide you with a comprehensive college planning insights to help you uncover ways of reducing and maintaining your out-of-pocket college costs. This encompasses maximizing financial aid, choosing schools that are more likely to award your student grants and scholarships, highly effective appeal strategies, college tracking list, career goal assessments, student positioning sessions, interactive online program tools and much more.

Eminence Financial has developed a step by step process centered around how to plan and pay for college. Parents of high school sophomores, juniors and seniors can reduce stress, and learn the most important steps to making college affordable. Even if you have a senior in highschool, when there is a limited time before their kids go to college.

Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

Is the budget number. The all-important EFC is the first step in the college process. We will evaluate your EFC and coach the student and family about what EFC means.

Career Goal Assessment

can help the student confirm or discover the career he or she should pursue. The student takes an online aptitude/attitude program, My Career Planner. Your first source should be your high school counselor.

The Student Positioning Session

is on of the most powerful steps your student can be part of. The step will ensure finding a college that meets the students academically, socially, emotionally, and the family financially. Your first source is your high school counselor.

Interactive Online Program Tools

will save the student and family hundreds of hours of time. This service provides access to an online program to be use as an adjunct to the student positioning session. This can be accessed through our secure online portal.

Data Verification Session

is a critical part of the process. During the Data Verification Session, the client and our college coaches will make certain that the financial data used the complete financial aid application is accurate. By using our internet- based - system, clients have the opportunity to review and agree that information is correct before andy financial forms are filed.

Preparation of the CSS Profile

An application required by some colleges. This form is considered more complicated than the FAFSA. It is critical that information reported on all financial aid forms be consistent.

Preparation of Institutional Financial Aid Forms

is an additional service where we take care of all need based financial aid forms required by the specific colleges.. Some schools have their own need based forms that are just as important as the Financial Aid Profile (FAP) and the FAFSA.

Preparation of Free Application for Federal Student Aid

is required by every college bound student and family. Even by the student and family who will not receive need-base assistance. This form must be completed to qualify for federal aid. most state programs, and is often required for institutional merit-based aid.

Online Awards Analysis

is a breakdown of the packages a student is awarded. By providing comparative reports, we can make it crystal clear what the true cost will be for the student's first year in college.

Evaluation fo Award Letters and Appeal Process Support

is a major step. through our analysis, we can determine if it is to the family's benefit ti appeal an award package. If an appeal is deemed necessary, we assist with he appeal process by consulting with the client on an appeal letter and coaching them about how to have a dialogue with the college regarding the appeal.

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Schedule your Free College Planning Assessment

This is a 15 -30 minute meeting via phone or face to face we will begin assessing your family’s unique situation and goals for handling college expenses.

In this meeting you will understand 1 of 3 things. 1. You are a category 1 family, no matter what school your students attend you will most-likely not receive any need-base financial assistance. 2. You are a category 2 family, depending on the college of choice you may receive need-based financial assistance. 3.You are a category 3 family, you qualify for need-based financial assistance no matter what college you're student(s) attends.

After your initial college funding analysis, with one of our college coaches. We will determine 1 of 2 things, 1. Can we help you, 2. If we can't help you. Regardless of the outcome we will be direct and offer a couple of ways that you can help your family. Providing we can help you, your family will want to determine if what we do is a good fit.

We help prepare your family to navigate the complicated college funding system. With access to educational knowledge along with online tools designed to focus on the ins-and-outs of the financial aid system.

Our end goal with each family to to create a customized college funding plan of action; charting your course through each year with at least one student is in college. Your College Funding program will make sure your college plan adjusts with each curve that life brings.