September 11, 2017
FDIC Insurance

How Safe Is FDIC Insurance?

The common opinion of most Americans when it comes to whether FDIC insurance, is that it provides guaranteed security. Most Americans are familiar with the acronym […]
September 8, 2017
Eminence Financial Weekly Market Update

Investors Weekly Market Update 9/05/2017

Investors Weekly Market Update  Last week gave a number of things for both investors and non-investors to think—and worry—about. From North Korea’s missiles to Hurricane Harvey’s […]
September 5, 2017

How To Determine Retirement Portfolio Withdrawal Rates

  Understanding how to properly create the needed retirement income plan utilizing the proper withdrawal rates is   extreemly important to the success or failure of […]
November 22, 2016
Eminence Financial Retirement Race

Retirement Planning Win, Lose or Tie?

Retirement Planning Win, Lose or Tie?  In the “Race To Retirement” how do you look at your money?  Do you want your current lifestyle to win? […]
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